Ammika Harris surprised fans with the favorite photo featuring herself. Check out the pic that she dropped on her social media account below.

People admired the positivity that’s radiating from this photo that she posted.

Some of her fans also told her that with this photo, she just made their day brighter.

Someone commented: ‘yeah I take the best pics💁🏻‍♀️ this my fav pic of u as well😍’ and one other follower said: ‘Ammika doesn’t smile too often, but when she does, surely a lot of hearts are softened. 🔥’

A follower said: ‘Nothing tops this picture of you. A smile is the best thing you can offer🧡.’ and one other commenter posted this message: ‘Mood: smiling and absorbing all the positivity this year and the next to come❤️’

A fan said: ‘Why do people get children when they let them watch the whole day tv? @ammikaaa probably you can help to answer this question.’

Someone else posted this: ‘My fav pictures of you are pink shirt/ braids❤️’

A fan said: ‘Definitely brings out some positive vibes with the color of the shirt and your beautiful smile.🥰’ and someone else posted this: ‘I like your ig post thats my fav pic of all time 💛’

Someone else said: ‘hat is an amazing smile…my day just got brighter.’

In other recent news, Chris Brown‘s baby mama shared a couple of her pics, and some of her fans said that she might be showing a bit too much skin in these.

Check out the photos that she dropped on her social media account and had some fans saying that she might have shown a bit too much skin.

Other than this, Ammika is having the best life and living her best life with her and Chris’ baby boy Aeko.


Back in 2020, Chris and Ammika had the best vacay with their son and fans were in awe.