With the release of ‘A Glitch In Paradise,’ ANTIBOY – aka the late Harry Hains – envisions a future of ‘inclusivity’ and ‘celebrating differences,’ and that hopeful ‘dream’ is captured in their visually stunning new video.

Sadly, Harry Hains will not see the world of ANTIBOY, his futuristic music persona, come to fruition. Yet, thanks to his family’s love and hard work, the dream of the late American Horror Story star took one more step to becoming a reality on Dec. 4 with the release of A Glitch In Paradise. With ten tracks of haunting and dreamy synth-pop, A Glitch In Paradise represents, as Harry once said, how “all the things that we are taught to believe in are an illusion.” If reality is an illusion, then ANTIBOY envisions one where all people – no matter what their body, orientation, or identity – could reach “true equality.” Helping to spread this message is “Dream,” ANTIBOY’s latest gorgeous video.

Directed by Charlie Chops and featuring transgender model/activist Andreja Pejić, “Dream” is a mesmerizing visual experience. “The idea behind the ‘Dream’ video was to create a queer celebration of sorts combining dream and reality,” director Charlie shares with HollywoodLife. “I really wanted to build a diverse cast and team of people from all different shapes, colors, and identities. We had an incredible group of creatives collaborating to bring the ‘Dream’ vision to life, and I am so proud of the message it stands for – inclusivity, celebrating differences, and breaking boundaries just as Harry intended.”

ANTIBOY (the late Harry Hains) (Ella-Weisskamp)

“Dream” features animation from 3D artist and animator Sam Hains, Harry’s brother. A Glitch In Paradise is made possible by Harry’s family, including his mother Jane Badler, champion of the ANTIBOY project. “I have such wonderful memories of hearing A Glitch in Paradise for the first time,” Jane shares with HollywoodLife. “Harry was doing so well at the time. He was healthy and very excited about this new music he was creating. I went to visit him in LA, and he took me for a drive in his vintage Cadillac. Harry was the worst driver, and my anxiety levels were at an all-time high as he zipped through red lights and clipped curbs. He said, ‘Mom, have a listen to the latest songs I’ve been recording.’”

Transgender model/activist Andreja Pejić (Charlie-Chops)

“The first time I heard most of the songs was in that car, and I was truly smiling from ear to ear,” adds Jane. “I was surprised at how good they were…how unique and melodious his voice was. I loved the purity in his message of tortured love. When Harry loved, it was so deep and so total. He seemed to have found the perfect outlet to express the many conflicting and difficult emotions he was struggling with.”

ANTIBOY (Candice-Ghai)

A Glitch In Paradise speaks to us about this need to find love, to find connection and the struggle to feel worthy of it,” says Jane. “In ‘Dream’ he sings… ‘You don’t love me enough or so I think. Melancholy is rough. My ego shrinks. I know you’ve never felt like this before. Showing you love you’ve never seen. It’s not easy when your heart gets sore. This love never comes around. Born out of a dream…’

“I know for him his writing, his music, and all his creative pursuits really gave him the desperately needed outlet to beautifully express the profound struggles he had. Harry and I shared so much. I have always used creativity to help me survive the very difficult times. And with the passing of my unique extraordinary son, it is the arts that I return to help in my healing and grief.”