• Barack Obama revealed that Malia’s boyfriend was “stuck” quarantining with them.
  • Barack spilled some details about his daughter’s beau.

    Barack Obama isn’t a regular dad, he’s a cool dad. When his daughter, Malia Obama’s boyfriend got stuck in the States, he and Michelle Obama gladly welcomed him into their home with open arms, because ofc they did!! While on The Ben Simmons Podcast, he dropped some deets about how quarantine has been for his family.

    “It’s a blessing because all the teenage stuff is kinda gone now and they’re just back and they love you again and they want to spend time with you and they’re funny,” he said, referring to Malia and his youngest daughter, Sasha Obama. “I think, (like) a lot of families, we went through that first month where we were playing games every night and doing little arts and crafts projects and then slowly they started to get a little bored with us.”

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    Umm, I would not get bored, so if you ever need another card player, I’m your girl. He continued chatting about game nights and that’s when he dropped the nugget of info about his famously private daughter.

    “Maybe teaching Malia and Sasha and Malia’s boyfriend who was with us for a while, spades, and then having some spades games,” he said. “And teaching them how to properly trash talk and slap the cards down.” When asked to elaborate, he said the mystery man is “British” and “wonderful.” Sounds promising… he also added, “He was sort of stuck because there was a whole visa thing and he had a job set up. So we took him in and I didn’t want to like him, but he’s a good kid.”

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