The couple has actually been seen enjoying time with his kids multiple times, which means that Ana De Armas really doesn’t mind being around the young ones! As you might know, Ben Affleck shares three children with his ex, Jennifer Garner, and his new girlfriend reportedly ‘gets along great’ with them!

One source shared via HollywoodLife that ‘Ana has spent time with Ben’s kids a couple of times now and she gets along great with them. Of course, it’s all still very new but Ana has a really sweet nature about her that most people are drawn to. Ben discussed the idea of introducing their children to Ana with Jen beforehand and she agreed. Jen can see that this relationship means a lot to Ben and that Ana is a positive influence in his life.’

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But how does Jen feel about the new woman in her ex’s life spending time and bonding with her kids?

Well, as it turns out, she not only approves, she agreed to it ‘beforehand’ so all is well in this family!

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That being said, another insider told the news outlet that ‘Jen is very impressed with Ben right now and his relationship with Ana. He is on the right path health wise and she feels like Ana has played a really big part in all of that. He is a wonderful father and that is most important to her, but Jen seeing Ben in such a great light right now makes her think that Ana is very good for him and a very positive force in his life.’

The actor apparently introduced his kids to his girlfriend back in May over the Memorial Day weekend.

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Since then, they have spent quite a lot of time together, be it while taking the dogs for a walk, going shopping or just relaxing at the park!