Just in case you haven’t seen the Masked Singer finale yet — let this serve as a warning signal. Leann Rimes was unmasked as the winner on Wednesday night. However, Brandi Glanville ruined it for many of her followers and some think that it was out of spite.

Leann and Brandi have had a rocky relationship ever since Eddie Cibrian married the singer in 2011. The Sun was a fan-favorite all season and not many people recognized who the costumed crooner was.

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Brandi has mentioned multiple times on her timeline that she believed the character was her son’s stepmother. On Wednesday, she seemingly confirmed it right before the finale aired.

Hope my kids bonus mom The Sun” Leanne Rines wins the masked singer tonight #Spitfire.’

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Immediately, she was dragged for being malicious and ruining the surprise for other people.

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After she caught wind of her followers’ qualms, she followed up her tweet with: ‘First of all I did not shade or diss lean rimes I rooted for her to win. She clearly told my kids that she’d never do the show to keep things a secret because they have big mouths. She deserved to win I’m glad she won! stop reading into sh*t!’

She caught flak for her follow-up tweet too.

One person wrote: ‘Why not wait until she won versus calling her our before it was announced. Thats why is looks as tho you outed her. Poor timing…no just for the kids but for the fans who follows you.’

‘Yeah that was pretty f’d up. I accidentally came across it about an hour before I was about to watch (dvr). Hadn’t even thought of Leanne Rimes so…yeah…that was a d**k move. Brandi’s shady even when faking nice,’ added another.

This person said: ‘You gave away the finale!! That was F’ed up!!!’

Do you think Brandi did it on purpose or was she being supportive?