The pop diva took to social media to post yet another video in which she was showing off her dance moves, proving that she has been doing pretty well, despite her conservatorship legal battle with her father. The clip features Britney Spears in her living room, dancing up a storm, her Christmas tree in the background!

It appears that Britney is in a festive mood and she is expressing it like always – through dance!

The song she was feeling herself during was ‘Somebody I Used To Know’ by Gotye and the star did a great job expressing the lyrics through dance.

In the caption, Britney wrote: ‘Two takes in this video as well. Which one is your favourite???? You can also see my hair short as well!!!!’

Sure enough, this vid was posted not too long after she cut her hair shorter than usual.

At the time, she shared a pic of the shoulder length hair and bangs and wrote in the caption: ‘Cut my hair!!! know what they say …. out with the old and in with the new !!!!! Now let us pray!!!!’

The star was wearing a floral top at the time and judging by the caption, she is ready for the new year as much as everyone else!

As for her fashion, she went for something comfortable that would let her move freely – a black crop top and shorts!

Fans were really supportive and positive watching her dance video, commenting things like: ‘Britt you go girl! Keep your head up,’ although there were quite a few worried about her as well.

This post comes after her father, Jamie Spears, opened up about his conservatorship battle with his daughter during an interview for CNN.

The man insisted that he misses Britney a lot since they haven’t talked for months, ever since her legal team filed a request for Jamie to be dropped as her conservator, claiming that the singer is scared of her own dad.


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