Brittany Cartwright says she will no longer let ‘trolls’ influence her happiness as she keeps sharing photos of her growing bare baby belly. It comes despite some haters cruelly body shaming her.

Brittany Cartwright is not going to let a few haters get her down as she shares growing bump photos amid her first pregnancy. While nearly all of her fans have gushed how beautiful she looks any time the 31-year-old shares a mirror selfie, there are still some people who make her feel bad by asking the 25 weeks pregnant former Vanderpump Rules star  if she’s due any day now because of her bump size. Brittany has now put them on blast in a new Instagram post on Dec. 29, showing her beautiful bump.

The Kentucky native wore a pair of knee-length tight grey leggings and a leopard print bra, as she showed off her pregnant body in all of its glory. She initially posted the photo to her Instagram stories, where she wrote, “25 weeks and proud of my body for creating my son.” Apparently she was trolled about her bump size and told fans she wasn’t going to take it anymore in an IG post with the same photo.

“I put this on my story but ya know what, I deserve to post this with pride. I am so proud of my body for creating my son. I have had days where I let negative comments from strangers get me down, but WHY!? I am growing a perfect and healthy human being who I have only dreamed of my entire life,” Mrs. Jax Taylor began.

“I am going to give my body the respect it deserves and shout it from the rooftops how lucky and blessed I feel to experience this pregnancy. (Even though I’m 25 weeks and still sick everyday) lol I am feeling very lucky and emotional to have this opportunity to be a mom and I will no longer let trolls influence my happiness,” Brittany vowed.

“To all you other Mommy to be’s and mommies in general YOU ARE KILLING IT, don’t let opinions of others get you down, you will be the best mother to your beautiful baby just like me!! Be proud of your body because you are growing a human life! I am so honored I get to be a mom and have a beautiful son in just a few months. Keep smiling and sharing positive vibes, we need more of that in this world!” the former Bravo star concluded.

Brittany Cartwright
Pregnant Brittany Cartwright goes out for breakfast in L.A. on Nov. 14, 2020. Photo credit: MEGA.

While it was unclear what the negative comments were that she received for her stories selfie, a Dec. 6 Instagram photo showing her growing belly elicited some backhanded comments including “22 weeks?? That’s it?” about her size at the time. Another person wrote, “WOW! Are you due any day now?” even though she was only just over five months along.

Fellow moms rallied to Brittany’s side in the comments. Fan @jippdoll told her, “People don’t understand how hurtful comments can be about being ‘too big’ or ‘too small’ – what is the right size of pregnancy? No need to compare everyone’s body since we’re all different. You’re rocking it proud girl!” User @amiller260 added, “Growing a baby is a beautiful blessing not everyone gets to experience. You look amazing & good for you for posting this! Every body is different and carries a baby differently. Don’t EVER let these trolls get to you.” Many fans reassured Brittany that she and her bump are “beautiful” and not to listen to anyone so hateful as to say negative things about a pregnant woman’s body. Hopefully the overwhelming support made Brittany feel better knowing so many other fans and fellow moms have her back.