Candiace Dillard is not letting up on what she said about Porsha Williams after hearing the Real Housewives of Atlanta star’s remarks about her in Bravo Chat Room. While speaking with another publication, she had a stern message for Williams.

Porsha revealed that Monique Samuels told her that Candiace tried to file a suit in order to get money to pay for a house. Gizelle Bryant who was co-hosting the episode shut the claim down because she says Monique never said that. However, Porsha doubled down while explaining that it was a separate conversation that she had with Samuels.

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Dillard already came for Porsha on the Behind the Velvet Rope podcast.

‘100%. Yeah…There’s a line. And I think… we’ve seen a lot of Housewives push the envelope and like push the line. I’ve always used Lisa Rinna as an example when she cracks that glass on the table. That, and of course, you know, I think Porsha and Kenya kind of took it too far. So you’ve seen people push the line…but never really cross it outside of Porsha –who…is proven herself to be the sidekick of all. I guess Monique would be Porsha’s sidekick. And just the two wild people defending each other, which is very cute. But you, you know the line when you have sense, and as I like to say scruples, and when you don’t…it shows. It shows how you were raised and who you really are.’

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While chatting with Page Six, she warned Porsha to ‘be careful.’

‘Yes, I responded in an interview because it’s one thing for you to defend your friend, it’s one thing to talk general smack about me in defense of your friend, but when you flat out lie, yes, I’m going to address it. She should be careful about the lies that she tells. It’s a very dangerous move.’

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What do you think of Dillard’s warning?