Gather round, friends, because the time has come to chat about Cardi B’s growing, and some might even say epic collection of tattoos. The Grammy winner is quite literally covered in actual art, from the vibrant floral design that goes from her shoulder to her legs, to the massive peacock covering her side.

On top of that gorgeousness, Cardi has a mysterious quote, a cover-up on her neck, and—much like the rest of us—a few inky regrets. As in, she has the names of multiple exes scrawled on her body. We’ve all been there! Just ask Justin Bieber, who got a portrait of Selena Gomez drawn on himself!

All in all, Cardi has 11 tattoos that we know of, which is a lot, but still not as many as some celebrities like, say, the aforementioned Biebs, who has over 50 and counting. Keep scrolling for all of Cardi’s tattoos and their meanings.