Ammika Harris and Chris Brown are very proud of their son, Aeko and it makes perfect sense that they keep sharing pics of him on social media. After all, he is super adorable – and a ‘fly guy’ on top of it!

That’s right – both Chris and Ammika took to their respective social media platforms of choice to share some new pics of their baby boy!

One of the photos shows the little boy rocking a blue and orange tracksuit, looking fly, just as Chris told his fans in the caption reading ‘Fly Guy!’

This comes not too long after Chris Brown and Ammika Harris returned from their Tulum, Mexico family vacation together, where they also celebrated Aeko’s first birthday!

But now, the fun is over and Chris, who’s returned to his work, misses his son like crazy!

One insider previously told HollywoodLife that ‘Ammika and Aeko are back in Germany so they’re doing long distance again, but they FaceTime every single day, and they are staying very connected.’

They went on to explain that ‘It’s hard for Chris to be apart from them, he’s missing them already, but he needs to work so he had to go home. Although the family is apart again, they have the amazing memories they made in Tulum to reminisce on. The trip was really good for them. They had time to bond. He’s very happy with how it went.’

The source also shared their opinion that Chris would undoubtedly find a way to reunite with his son and baby mama sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, he cannot wait until everyone can be together as a family, including his son and daughter, 6 year old Royalty, who he has from a previous relationship.


Fans are also excited about that family reunion and are looking forward to seeing how adorable the siblings are together!