Actor Corey Feldman went live on Twitter to announce that he has dropped new music. The former child star and CSA victims’ advocate is dropping an EP that comes before his boxset that will be called Love Left 2.1. The EP is called Love Returns and it features two songs from each disk that will be in the Love Left 2.1 set. Love Left is a reflection of Corey Feldman’s music career that has spanned at least 40 years. Corey Feldman recorded Love Left, his first album, with his band Truth Movement in 1992, but he was writing and performing music long before.

According to Corey Feldman’s live stream, the Love Left 2.1 box set will include a compilation of all of the music Corey has written and performed over the years. Some of the music was lost and he described his team as searching for the lost tapes in order to get the music included for the box set. Some of the music that will be featured in the box set has never been released.

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While the box set is still being produced, the Love Returns EP will be available. The new Love Returns EP features an updated version of the 1992 Love Left 2.1 album cover.

Before Corey Feldman releases the Love Returns EP to the public via digital streaming platforms, he is offering fans the chance to own an illustrated vinyl copy of the album. You may see Corey Feldman’s post that includes an updated, colorful version of the original Love Left (1992) album cover that was designed by tattooist and artist Herman Teman as well as Corey Feldman’s new song “Rockin Revolution” in the video player below.

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Here is Corey Feldman’s live stream that he held on Twitter where he discussed his new EP, the upcoming box set, and his musical plans for the upcoming year.

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Are you going to get Corey Feldman’s vinyl EP Love Returns while it is available? Are you looking forward to Corey Feldman’s upcoming box set Love Left 2.1?

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