Cynthia Bailey  is taking fans down the memory lane with some pics that she dropped from when she was featured on the covers of Rolling Out. Check out the pics below.

Someone said: ‘Low key that can be a template for a mask, of course, design a cover-up for the face, that would be ??’ and a commenter posted this: ‘For a minute, I thought this was Marlo. Pretty picture!’

One other follower said this: ‘Love it ❤️You always look beautiful!!’ and a commenter posted: ‘Best looking woman of all the housewives you are @cynthiabailey??.’

Someone else said: ‘@cynthiabailey your absolutely stunning ..stong headed woman ??’ and a commenter posted this message: ‘You look gorgeous!’

A follower shaded Cynthia for one of the photos due to the sign that she’s making: ‘Love you. BUT…Why the OK Through the eye look? This is common for Hollywood. Are you going to jump into the big league now? I hope not!! Your Soul and families souls are far greater than Hollywood. Remember we call the shots. Fear is a beast.’

Another follower said: ‘Noooooo they did got Mrs. Bailey. Damn. Well, let’s see the sacrifices in her name,’ and one agreed: ‘That’s a satanic symbol and we all know it.’

Someone said: ‘Stupidity at its best. That symbol is NOT satanic; it literally means knowledge. When you meditate to say AUM, dont you do this? The EYE/pineal gland represents the senses that allow you “to see”. If you know you know, you know? Everyone talking that devil stuff, your vibe is so low and you need to ENLIGHTEN yourself. It has NOTHING to do with evil – that is reserved to the heart and content of the person, not the practice. Knowledge is not bias; people are.’

Not too long ago, Cynthia Bailey shared a message in the memory of late Kim Porter.

Diddy also made sure to drop some words for her and photos on his social media account.


Check out Cynthia’s post.