When given a second chance to live life for the first time, Damon Sharpe – with help from Internet sensations Indiana Massara and Carson Lueders – finishes his bucket list, and that means getting matching tattoos – for real!

If you’re going to make your music video debut, you might as well dive headfirst, right? Or, in the case of Carson Lueders, it’s needle-first. The massive popular Internet personality and fellow influencer Indiana Massara join Damon Sharpe for “Lost Years,” the DJ’s collab multitalented singer Josh Cumbee. In the time-trippin’ new visual, premiering here at HollywoodLife, Damon finds himself face to face with a younger version of himself, portrayed by Carson. It seems Young Damon’s been sent back to give his older counterpart a shot to cross off items on his old bucket list, which includes “Hold A Snake, ride a “Roller Coaster,” get “matching tattoos,” and most importantly – get the number of Girl Crush (played by Indiana.)

After getting inked – yes, Damon and Carson get legit, actual, for-real tattoos in the video – and holding a live snake, young Damon finally has the confidence to walk up and talk to his crush. Without spoiling anything, it’s safe to say that Damon has no regrets for living life to the fullest. “Making the ‘Lost Years’ video was a real full-circle moment for me,” the DJ and record producer shares with HollywoodLife. “In my career, I am making up for lost years, and it’s an exciting new chapter for me as an artist!”

Damon Sharpe, looking sharp (Matt Doheny)

“Our visionary director Eli Sokhn brought it to life,” adds Damon. “Carson and Indiana’s performances brought so much validity to the narrative. Josh’s performance is heartfelt and really resonates.” How does the young YouTube singing sensation feel about his music video acting debut? Filming this video made me realize that you can’t turn back time and get redos in life, so make the most of it now,” the teenage Carson shared with HollywoodLife.

Carson Lueders, left, and Indiana Massara, right (SplashNews)

“And that I’m glad I didn’t get caught sneaking over the fence and hanging off the Hollywood sign when I was younger,” he adds. Indiana is also glad that Carson didn’t jump, and speaking of which, she tells HollywoodLife, “I have worked with everyone on the shoot at different times of my career, so I jumped at the chance to work with them all on one project.”

Damon Sharp at the boards (Matt Doheny)

Indiana’s career has been in high gear since she was a young teen. After getting her start as a model, she’s shifted her focus to acting and music. She’s released a handful of music videos for her own songs, but “Lost Years” marks the first time she’s acted in another person’s videos. Most recently, she released “Squeeze” earlier this year.

Carson also put out some new music in 2020. He dropped “No Caption,” as well as an acoustic version, and an anthem for his generation, “Young and Free.” He continues to share covers to his hugely successful YouTube channel while also sharing adorable vlogs of his family. No need to worry about “lost years” here.