The soon to be former POTUS believes he should have an airport named after him as a way to celebrate his supposedly successful presidency! That’s right! – It turns out that this is the legacy Donald Trump wants to leave behind as he wraps up his four years of leading the country from the White House.

However, as you can imagine, many social media users were not only against that idea, they also used this opportunity to mock him some more, posting many memes to make fun of Trump and his hypothetical Trump airport.

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As you might know, for a major airport to be named after a president, the said president would have to be widely admired and accomplish a lot during their term at the Oval Office and he seems to believe he deserves that based on these conditions.

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But many people definitely do not, judging by the memes mocking his airport dreams.

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It all started with a report by The Daily Beast, saying that Trump ‘offhandedly asked what kind of ‘paperwork’ was needed to get an airport named after a former president.’

Their unnamed source supposedly went on to dish that he ‘mentioned that ‘no president’ wants an American airport which has a bad reputation or crumbling infrastructure named after them.’

This comes after The Daily Beast also reported in 2018 that Trump expressed a ‘desire for having a national or an international airport in the United States named after Donald J. Trump, and he hoped there would be an organized effort to do so.’

In response, tweets flooded the platform and even U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar chimed in, mocking him for such a dream.

‘We might not name an airport after you but I know that I can find friends to chip in for one plane ticket on January 20th,’ the Senator tweeted alongside an article about Trump’s airport ambitions.