Legendary wrestler Dan Gable appeared to be at a loss for words when President Donald Trump left him and his family in the Oval Office shortly after presenting him with the Medal of Freedom, and Twitter took notice.

President Donald Trump, 74, caused mayhem on Twitter after he abruptly left the Oval Office not too long after presenting Dan Gable, 72, one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, with the impressive Medal of Freedom on Dec. 7. During the ceremony, Trump made a speech about Gable and all his achievements as the two-time NCAA Division I national champion and a big group of his family members, including his energetic grandkids who laid on the floor at one point, stood beside him and listened. After the medal was placed around Gable’s neck, Trump answered a few questions from reporters about the status of Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani‘s health after he was diagnosed with COVID-19 before he thanked Gable and his family and walked out of the office.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump leaving the Oval Office after presenting wrestler Dan Gable with the Medal of Freedom. (AP)

Once videos of Trump’s exit made their way around Twitter, users were quick to mock him for the awkward moment, which caused Gable to lift his hands up and shrug in confusion. “This is unreal. Trump abruptly walked out of Dan Gable’s Medal of Freedom ceremony today, leaving Gable shrugging and at a complete loss about what he was supposed to do,” one tweet read.

“We have officially hit an all time low… Trump wandered out of his own office and left Medal of Freedom recipient — Dan Gable — standing there wondering what to do next. What a selfish person… I’m embarrassed for him. This is pathetic right, it’s not just me?” another read.

Donald Trump, Dan Gable
Dan Gable speaks at his Medal of Freedom ceremony as one of his grandchildren lays on the floor of the Oval Office on Dec. 7. (MEGA)

“Today @realDonaldTrump wandered out of his own office and left Medal of Freedom recipient, Dan Gable, standing there with no clue what to do. ‘More Presidential than anyone in history’,” a third user shared.

In addition to Trump’s abrupt exit during Gable’s ceremony, another moment that caused controversy on social media was when he boasted about his own political record while listing Gable’s achievements. “He won 117 consecutive [wrestling] matches and lost only one, well you know, in politics, I won two. So I’m 2-0. And that’s pretty good too,” Trump said during his speech. Twitter users immediately clapped back with tweets reminding their followers that Joe Biden has been announced the President-elect, which would leave Trump with just one win.

“These moments where he speaks off the cuff in public must be the most cringe-worthy, uncomfortable periods in the history of the White House. This man has zero control of himself,” one user wrote in response to Trump’s words.

“Wow. He is absolutely delusional. Maybe he meant 0-2. Since he has never won a popular vote,” another pointed out.