Emily Ratajkowski may be in her last trimester of pregnancy but that doesn’t mean she can’t continue modeling. In Emily’s latest posts on her company’s Inamorata Woman‘s Instagram page, the gorgeous 29-year-old mother-to-be wore two of her brand’s latest garments — a mesh mini dress and mesh shirt. They are part of her mesh collection and feature the limited edition torso print. Emily posed for two photos one wearing the mesh mini dress and in the other, she wore the matching mesh top that features the brand’s name across the skirt’s short hem.

The mesh mini dress is called the Vita dress and it retails for approximately $135. The Vita is inspired by nineties trends and it features a round, scoop neck, long sleeves, and comes to about mid-thigh. The Vita is currently available in three prints: teal torso, purple torso, and sand torso.

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Emily posed for a photo and stood to the side for a profile view. She placed her hands on the small of her back and tilted her head, letting her dark locks fall behind her shoulders. She wore small, gold hoop earrings and kept her makeup to natural tones. Though the dress has a colorful pattern comprised of different color swatches, the dress is semi-sheer.

You may see the photo that Emily Ratajkowski shared of herself wearing the Vita dress below.

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Source: Emily Ratajkowski/Instagram

In the second photo that Emily Ratajkowski shared on the Inamorata Woman page, she wore the Lilou long sleeve mesh shirt. The top retails for approximately $80 and is also available in the same three torso colors: purple, sand, and teal. The shirt reaches the belly button and is semi-sheer.

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You may see the photo of Emily Ratajkowski wearing the Lilou long-sleeve mesh top below.

Source: Emily Ratajkowski/Instagram

What do you think about Emily Ratajkowski’s latest photos? Do you like the new torso collection? Do you like the mini dress or the shirt best?

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