Eva Marcille shared a post on her social media account about the coronavirus vaccine. She received massive backlash in the comments from some followers, while others completely agree with the message she shared.

‘Let’s have a conversation; let’s do it; we need to… The power is in our hands. @dralastanford @blackdoctorscovid19consortium @kamaustanford’ Eva captioned her post.

A follower said: ‘Why. Is it so important to have black folks take the vaccine 1st? All this doing is building more distrust. Go do a town hall in Nebraska, Oregon, Idaho, Iowa, MN. Sign up the folks that make up the majority race of those states!’

Someone else posted this: ‘They’re using black people to gain more blacks to take the vaccines. Kill us one way or another,’ and a commenter wrote: ‘Nope!! Have you saw the video that the news reported of the doctor giving the fake vaccine. I can DM it to anybody who wants to see it…THIS ISN’T FAKE NEWS.’

Another person said: ‘Health care workers are taking the vaccine and passing out. Not safe. I am not taking anything that destroys my DNA. Good luck you all.’

One follower posted this message: ‘They can have anyone they like take these Vaccines ? … SHEEP ? MENTALITY Isn’t what’s needed. Each person is an individual and can and should conduct themselves as such … What works for A isn’t necessarily going to work for B … Can anyone on this “THE COLOR OF COVID PANEL” Guarantee what’s in those VIALS are all the same substances❓NO! Worry about yourselves… Don’t allow anyone to talk you into what you have REAL suspicions about. I NOTICE DONALD J TRUMP took a PASS; I DON’T SEE HIS CHILDREN AND ADMINISTRATION MEMBERS other than Mike Pence, who from the Video looks like to be a Magic ? trick … Why is a band-aid ? on the area before anything happened to❓ ?? Wear Your Mask ? & SOCIAL DISTANCING works … What about the Suburban housewives, where are they❓ Right…’

One follower posted this: ‘So surprised how many celebrities are against the covid vaccine, but the same Doctors that helped invent the vaccine are the same kind of Doctors that take care of people when they get Covid and try to save lives!! Glad you trust them for that!!’

In other news, recently, Eva Marcille shows love and support to Cynthia Bailey.

Check out the pic that she dropped on her social media account.


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