Gather ‘round, because it’s time to talk about the first sign of the zodiac: Aries. Born from approximately March 21 to April 19 (with some variation depending on the year), these bold Rams are known for being assertive, energetic, and intense.

As fire signs, Aries are spontaneous, passionate, outspoken, direct, and just a little hotheaded. As cardinal signs, they like to take charge. Ruled by Mars, they’re competitive, adventurous, and they might have just a bit of a temper. They’ve been called both the “leader” and the “baby” of the zodiac. They sometimes speak before they think, or let their tempers get the better of them—but they’re quick to apologize and move on (unlike grudge-holding Scorpio).

Does this description match a friend, crush, or family member? How about a celebrity? Aries celebs include Kourtney Kardashian, Mariah Carey, and Chance the Rapper–read on to learn more about their Aries traits.


Reese Witherspoon: Born March 22, 1976

Aries are known for being strong leaders, and from her production company to her book club, Reese is definitely a trendsetter.


Vanessa Morgan: Born March 23, 1992

Aries’ bold attitudes mean they’re often fashion trendsetters, too.


Big Sean: Born March 25, 1988

Big Sean once joined fellow Aries Pharrell and Mike WiLL Made-It on a song called “Aries (YuGo).”


Sarah Jessica Parker: March 25, 1965

Sarah Jessica Parker is an Aries, while her Sex and the City co-star Kim Cattrall is a fellow fire sign, Leo. Explains the feud, maybe?


Diana Ross: Born March 26, 1944

The Motown star showed Aries determination when she said, “I really, deeply believe that dreams do come true….You can’t just sit there and wait for people to give you that golden dream—you’ve got to get out there and make it happen for yourself.”


Keira Knightley: Born March 26, 1985


Mariah Carey: Born March 27, 1969 or 1970

Yes, we don’t know Mariah Carey’s birth year…you can trust an obstinate Aries to refuse to share pesky details like that! “I don’t count years, but I definitely rebuke them—I have anniversaries, not birthdays, because I celebrate life, darling,” she once told Out.


Halle Bailey: Born March 27, 2000

Back when Halle was announced as the star of the upcoming live-action The Little Mermaid, she and her bday twin Mariah Carey has a cute Twitter exchange. “Congratulations Halle!! My kids and I are so excited for the emancipation of Ariel,” Mariah tweeted.


Lady Gaga: Born March 28, 1986

Lady Gaga showed typical Aries tenacity when she said, “When they wanted me to be sexy, when they wanted me to be pop, I always put some absurd spin on it to make me feel like I was in control.”


David Oyelowo: Born April 1, 1976

David showed Aries dedication when he promised, “I will till the day I die be an advocate for the d-word: diversity.”


Pharrell: Born April 6, 1973

Pharrell once joined fellow Aries Big Sean and Mike WiLL Made-It on a song called “Aries (YuGo).”


Jackie Chan: Born April 7, 1954

Aries are often active and athletic, and who’s more active than Jackie Chan?


Skai Jackson: Born April 8, 2002

Skai recently tweeted, “What’s y’all’s opinions on Aries? (I’m an Aries).” The answer? “*im an aries* we are mean and easily aggravated, but we are not hard to love AT ALL! some of the best people to be around honestly.”


Kristen Stewart: Born April 9, 1990

Balancing mainstream movies like Charlie’s Angels with arty indies like Personal Shopper, Kristen shows that Aries make their own paths.


Elle Fanning: Born April 9, 1998

In 2017, Elle told Vogue that her Aries side made her want to pursue directing: “I know it’s hard—so many people asking you questions all the time,” she said. “It’s a huge challenge. But I want that.”


Lil Nas X: Born April 9, 1999

Aries are known for their sense of humor, and if you’ve never glanced at “Old Town Road” singer’s Twitter feed, please click over ASAP.


Saoirse Ronan: Born April 12, 1994

Saoirse’s Mercury sign is also Aries, while her Moon sign is Taurus.


Emma Watson: Born April 15, 1990

Back in 2017, Emma told British Vogue, “I can be blunt and direct and quite confrontational!”


Chance the Rapper: April 16, 1993

Chance the Rapper has an Aries stellium in his birth chart: His Mercury and Venus are both in Aries, along with his Sun.


Rooney Mara: Born April 17, 1985

Rooney’s birth chart is very Aries-dominant, with her Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus all in the sign of the ram.


Kourtney Kardashian: Born April 18, 1979

Kourtney’s bluntness is typical of an Aries. Cue the “Kim, there’s people that are dying” gif.


America Ferrera: Born April 18, 1984

From her acting to her activism, America exemplifies Aries passion and determination.

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