Gather around, it’s time to unpack the whimsical fish-faces of the zodiac, Pisces. No offense meant—it’s just that Pisces do have mystical eyes that seem a bit otherworldly.

As the twelfth sign in the zodiac (born approximately February 19-March 20, depending on the year), Pisces’ most-appreciated trait is that they are endlessly patient (like, how many of y’all can say that?). Don’t get me wrong, these ethereal water beings won’t let you push them around. Their mutable nature keeps that from happening (CONSIDER. THIS. A. HINT). But babe, if you’re expecting a Pisces to come out and straight-up tell you what they have brewing in their brains, you may find yourself out of luck.

Similar to their fellow Jupiter-ruled cousin, Sagittarius, Pisces are wonderful at telling stories—many of which are often to decipher without the help of our resident fish-faces. Again, no offensive Pisces, y’all just have them eyes—they give off a pretty calming and hazy vibe. Some would argue that in actuality you’re serving straight-up face. (BTW, Pisces is also ruled by Neptune—yep, they get two planets, lucky them.)

To help you own your celestial aesthetic or just understand those ~mermaids~ better, here’s a list of 20 celebrities who are perfect examples of Pisces energy.


Rihanna: Born February 20, 1988

A notorious Caribbean queen, we stan. Rihanna is no stranger to creativity. Just like a Pisces, without saying too much, she captures exactly what we’re all feeling.


Tyler, the Creator: Born March 6, 1991

Tyler is known for saying wild things and taking humor to a whole different level, only to leave you wondering if you missed something. The rapper extraordinaire surely isn’t a stranger to saying obscure things, but it’s not like Pisces are strangers to being weirdos (and we love it).


Trevor Noah: Born February 20, 1984

Trevor Noah is literally a zero degrees Pisces Sun, an indicator some astrologers might read as “Pisces AF.” This man is basically educating the public on issues they may not have learned in school—gotta love his Pisces energy.


Dakota Fanning: Born February 23, 1994

Dakota has one of the best examples of Pisces eyes. Her easy-going presence and her whimsical eyes grace every screen she’s ever been on. She also majored in women’s studies, so I can only imagine her focus on women in film and culture provide her with a deeper understanding of her characters.


Erykah Badu: Born February 26, 1971

If you google “Erykah Badu” and look at the results, please tell me what sign she could be other than Pisces. Ms. Badu is known for her deep, feminine magic and spell-casting artistry. In true Pisces nature, it takes time to understand all that she’s really saying.


Immortal Technique: Born February 19, 1978

Would this list be complete without the inclusion of hip hop artist and activist Immortal Technique? Even by name, he inspires deep philosophical thought—and his rhymes are sure to expand your mind. Even now, his philanthropic work screams PISCES VIBEZ!


Lupita Nyong’o: Born March 1, 1983

There is something otherworldly about Lupita. Her knowledge base and her ability to continuously act outside of her typical character leaves viewers amazed. Only a Piscean actress could be capable of such witchery.


Wanda Sykes: Born March 7, 1964

Oh. My. Neptune! Queer idol and feminist queen Wanda Sykes works her Pisces magic by finding appropriate and engaging ways of expressing the woes of the world.


Common: Born March 13, 1972

If you’ve ever been to a Common concert, it’s not unusual to watch him pick some lucky lady to take on a date on stage. He’s obviously a Pisces, because they love selling FAN-TA-SIES!


Justin Bieber: Born March 1, 1994

Former teen pop star Justin Bieber is no stranger to having to defend himself. Ain’t it like a Pisces to have to sort through martyrdom? Okay, maybe we’re being a tad overdramatic, but Bieber has had to walk the plight of Pisces—you remember 2010.


Millie Bobby Brown: Born February 19, 2004

Excuse me, Millie Bobby Brown is a PISCES? With those piercing eyes and her ability to wow a crowd, we’re absolutely not surprised.


Flavor Flav: Born March 16, 1959

NGL, this one kinda threw me for a loop. Flavor Flav happens to also be a fish, but to be fair, between his hip-hop and reality TV career, he’s probably seen quite a lot, just like a Pisces (Hate to break it to you, but Pisces aren’t all cupcakes and roses—they’re also wise and experienced).


Kumail Nanjiani: Born February 21, 1978

We absolutely adore an educated individual and in addition to being a comedian, actor, screenwriter, and podcaster, Kumail double-majored in computer science AND philosophy (these Pisces associations just write themselves).


Jordan Peele: Born February 21, 1979

Ooo, shocker—NOT! Jordan Peele is the mastermind behind Get Out and Us, and he plays the ghost of Duke Ellington on Big Mouth. Of course, a Pisces would take reality and turn it into a world of surrealist imagination.


Corinne Bailey Rae: Born February 26, 1979

Just like a star, Corinne taught us all that we are capable of singing‚ in the privacy of our own homes because our words canNOT compete with this Pisces queen!


Jameela Jamil: Born February 25, 1986

Just like a Pisces, she’s known for showing the world something. You can’t help but appreciate an actual goddess for speaking her truth and getting conversations started.


Steve Jobs: Born February 24, 1955

If you’re reading this from an Apple device, now is a good time to show your gratitude to Pisces energy.


Drew Barrymore: Born February 22, 1975

Drew Barrymore has literally played an angel (look it up) and was named a World Food Program ambassador. Not only do we love to see it, but we also have to appreciate it because HELLO, astrology!


Eddie Huang: Born March 1, 1982

Not gonna lie, Eddie’s Taurus Moon really seems to be above the horizon based on his entire food career (that’s astrologer for his Taurus Moon is really showing).


Kesha; Born March 1, 1987

Kesha has her Sun (sense of self), her Moon (emotions and intuition), her Mercury (the way she thinks and expresses), and her Jupiter (higher knowledge) all in Pisces. Time to go back and listen to all the music she’s ever made (and this time listen closely)!

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