Fredo Bang isn’t happy with the news surrounding PornHub, which had to eliminate a lot of their user-generated content due to allegations that illegal content has been housed on the platform. On his IG Story, Bang asked, “this why every f*cking video I tried to watch last night said not available?”

The artist went on to say, “f*k y’all, @pornhub.” As it was previously reported, PornHub revealed they were going to wipe the entire site clean of any content that wasn’t uploaded by a verified partner. In other words, user-generated and user-uploaded content would not be allowed on the site for the foreseeable future.

This is a big move for PornHub, which has allowed users to upload their own content since it first started. In an announcement from the company, PornHub said they would be banning all previously uploaded content that hasn’t come from verified uploaders.

This all comes after the viral opinion article from the New York Times, “The Children of PornHub,” which alleged that the site has been filled with videos of illegal sex acts, child molestation, and rape videos.

Interestingly, this comes just a few years after YouTube came under fire for a similar issue, that being the monetization of content deemed inappropriate by businesses and advertisers.

The result of the controversy led to what has been dubbed the “Adpocalypse,” which saw independent creators’ revenue decreased dramatically. Since then, YouTube has become a lot more strict about who uploads content and whether or not it is suitable for minors and children.

PornHub is now being looked into by companies like Visa and Mastercard for the allegation that their site has been used for illegal content. Of course, neither of these companies want their services associated with illegal sex acts, child pornography, rape, or any kind of violent sex or non-consensual sex.


According to Hot New Hip Hop, credit companies such as American Express and PayPal have strict regulations on whether their clients can use their services for adult websites and other content. In fact, American Express, Hot New Hip Hop claims, doesn’t allow their clients to pay for adult content at all.