• G-Eazy professed his love for girlfriend Ashley Benson in a romantic birthday message on Instagram.
  • G-Eazy and Ashley have been dating since earlier this year.

    G-Eazy and Ashley Benson are still going strong, so strong in fact that they’re using the “l word” on social media. Ashley turned 31 on Dec. 18 and her boyfriend celebrated her with a romantic birthday post. What began as fan speculation and rumors that Ashley had moved on from her long-term relationship with ex Cara Delevingne, has transformed into a full-fledged relationship with G-Eazy, and it’s actually pretty cute.

    “Happy birthday beautiful ? @ashleybenson I love you to the moon & back,” G-Eazy wrote in a caption of a carousel of photos.

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    This isn’t the first time G-Eazy has gushed about Ashley. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, G-Eazy talked about what it’s been like recording music with her, and shared that he thinks she’s a gifted vocalist, which is high praise coming from the professional rapper. “She’s an exceptionally talented person in many different spaces,” he explained. “She’s a special one.”

    He continued, “Obviously, she’s a great actress, but, you know, getting to work with her and putting her in front of a microphone and watching her sing so effortlessly, she has this very special tone of voice and texture and something that’s very innate to her given that’s not her first job or what she’s known for. It just blew me away that you can have such a hidden, special talent that the world doesn’t get to see as often.”

    Singing, acting, and being in love… I’m sensing a new power couple in the making.

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