Gabrielle Union shared a clip on her social media account in which she looks amazing. She shows off a change of looks but shared a funny caption at the same time.

Check out the clip that she shared on her IG account below.

‘Who can relate? Kids dont want us to be great ??? They be knowing!!??Fly ass coat from @autumn_adeigbo Dress from @alixnyc Hair by @flawlessbygu & @larryjarahsims ?’ Gabrielle captioned her post.

Someone said: ‘It’s the beauty and familial love, for me. I need this to be the vibe for all of 2021.❤️’

A follower said: ‘she looking like “what were you just doing in here” ?’ and a commenter said: ‘Baby girl came down that hall like who the hell.’

Someone else posted this: ‘Kaavia said “That’s cute and all but where were you going past curfew ?” ?’ and a commenter said: ‘One thing about gabby she loves her some saweetie.’

A follower said: ‘Am I the only one who thought she looked the same after the spin ?’ and someone else posted this: ‘To every gabunion fans you can get something special if you google search this special code PS5WE200.’

Someone else said: ‘TF is going on in hereeeeee who all these dam people in my house and why you have on them good clothes!!!!! I love both of you!!! ❤️?’

A follower posted this: ‘You are stunning but baby laying her head on you and you doing the same in return made this post remind us that’s all anyone needs ❤️’ and one other commenter posted: ‘This is beautiful ?? This song though? Does anyone know who this is? Sounds kinda like Jhene Aiko.’

Gabrielle Union is proudly showing off her curves at the gym.

Check out the short clip that she shared on her social media account.


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