Gigi Hadid is looking back fondly to her final days of being pregnant with her baby girl. In new throwback photos, she’s showing off her baby’s nursery on the eve before she gave birth.

Gigi Hadid is absolutely in love with motherhood, and lately she’s been fondly showing more never before seen throwback photos to her last days of pregnancy before welcoming her baby daughter on Sept. 19, 2020. The 25-year-old posted a selfie to her Instagram stories on Dec. 7, and in the background part of her baby’s nursery is visible. It is the first clear look so far at how Gigi decorated the room for the child she shares with partner Zayn Malik, 27.

In the first snapshot, Gigi could be seen standing in front of a mirror with a tight black button up jumpsuit on. Her baby bump was quite large, and that’s because she was literally about to give birth. The supermodel wrote on the photo, “the night before I went into labor.” And she then shared a series of photos of her baby’s nursery, which you can swipe through in the above post.

Gigi opted for an earthy light bronze color for the room’s walls, instead of anything pink or pastel. “Decorating and spending time in her nursery really helped me feel prepared when I would get too in my head,” she wrote over a photo that showed a wall with an beautifully carved chest of drawers in a neutral hue, which featured a woven changing basinet with a pink bedding on top. What a appeared to be baby wipes and some other skin products were atop the dresser.

Gigi Hadid
Supermodel Gigi Hadid is in love with being a first time mom. Photo credit: MEGA.

Above it was a mirror that featured a series of flying doves made out of a light white fabric posted on the wall surrounding it. A wood and wicker rocking chair could be seen on the right side of the photo, with a fluffy white blanket covering it. When not rocking her baby, Gigi set up the room so that she and others could spend plenty of time being comfortable in the nursery with the baby girl, as another photo showed a light wood sofa with a seating cushion in grey, blue and brown. Multiple pillows in various patterns featuring white, pink and grey colors made for sitting back on the sofa to be a comfy experience. Above it was a shelf featuring several framed drawings and stuffed animals, including a unicorn and bunny rabbits.

Gigi made sure that she would be be reading books to her baby girl from the time she came home from the hospital. In one photo, she showed floor to ceiling in-set wall shelving that featured an array of children’s books. Some titles included the Elmer books by David McKee and Judith Kerr’s classic 1968 children’s book The Tiger Who Came to Tea. Gigi also had books about “Dada” and Daddy and Me, as well as Mommy and Me by Tiya Hall, about aLittle Bear and Mommy Bear who spend a special day together exploring the woods together.” Gigi’s probably already read some of the books to her baby on that comfy sofa or rocking chair by now.