The Hollywood Reporter said this week that the gun prop that was used by Sean Connery in his first appearence as James Bond earned around $250,000 when it went up for auction this past week. The outlet claims that the gun, used by Connery in Dr. No, sold for $256,000 exactly.

Julien’s Auctions reported that the firearm, a Walther PP, is one of the most prized possessions in the repertoire of James Bond memorabilia. Initially, estimates had the gun earning between $150,000 and $200,000 but it wound up exceeding that by a significant margin.

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Fans of the legendary series know James Bond had to switch from his Beretta to the Walther PP because MI6 were worried his gun would jam again. After the switch, the Walther PP became the classic James Bond firearm.

This all comes after the news that the Academy Award-winning actor died on Halloween this year at 90. Connery’s death was commemorated all over the world.

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Some of the other items to go up for sale included a fighter pilot helmet from Top Gun, a white Navy officer’s cap from A Few Good Men, as well as the Katana sword from Pulp Fiction. The sword was wielded by Bruce Willis as he goes down to the basement to rescue Marcell Wallace.

As it was previously reported, Sean died this year after a long battle with dementia and other health problems. Sean had an illustrious career while he was alive, starring in several Bond films before going on to appear in other big movies including The Hunt For Red October, and more.

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The James Bond franchise has contined to be a massive box office draw, however, the latest installment of the series, No Time To Die, still hasn’t been released in theaters yet. It was postponed several times this year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The movie has been the subject of media reports a number of times this year, not only for the postponement but also for the news that a black woman would star as James Bond in the next installment.