Warning! The following article contains a photo of Halsey where she was extremely thin due to having an eating disorder. Trigger warning!

Halsey has apologized to her followers for sharing a photo from her lowest point while struggling with an eating disorder. There was no question that Halsey posted the photo in order to encourage those who are struggling with eating disorders such as Anorexia Nervosa and Bulemia but she received backlash none-the-less.

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Eating disorders are a very tricky subject, especially when it comes to discussing them on social media. Social media is often blamed for being a huge contributing factor for both young men and women as well as boys and girls in developing eating disorders.

The world is obsessed with having the perfect image and social media is full of people who have edited their photos or gone under the knife so they can look like their edited photos. Because many people with eating disorders have a warped sense of how they truly look, photos like Halsey’s can often backfire and cause people who are struggling with their self-image to relapse.

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To many people who have an eating disorder, Halsey wouldn’t look too thin or starving in her photo, but rather ideal and possibly too fat. This is one of the reasons why it is crucial that the topic of eating disorders be handled carefully and ample warnings are given before photos like Halsey’s are put online.

You may see the photo that Halsey shared along with the trigger warning below.

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Source: Halsey/Instagram

Halsey later addressed the controversy that followed afterward on her official Twitter account. She apologized for not including a ‘sufficient trigger warning’ along with the photo as many saw it when they were scrolling through her Instagram story as part of the ‘post a picture’ challenge. You may see Halsey’s apology below.

Halsey continued to say that she was going to take a break from social media, but it didn’t seem to be a very long one. Halsey recently shared a photo on her official Instagram account.

What do you think about Halsey’s apology?

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