Can someone get Sean Penn a comb? The ‘Milk’ actor looked like he literally rolled out of bed for his ‘Morning Joe’ interview, but fans loved the wild ‘2020 hair’ he was rocking.

It seemed that Sean Penn’s hair was figuratively the last thing on his mind when he appeared during the Tuesday (Dec. 22) episode of Morning Joe. The 60-year-old actor appeared on the MSNBC morning program to talk about his nonprofit, CORE, and how it works to provide free COVID-19 tests around Los Angeles. While Sean is clearly taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously, he didn’t really put much thought into his hair. However, this look won over fans, who said Sean was “the physical embodiment of how we are all feeling as 2020 comes to a close.”

“Tuesday is just an extended Monday. Am I right @SeanPenn?” “Sean Penn wins the day w/his ‘zero fvcks’ look of 2020. “Sean Penn on brand for 2020.” “Sean Penn in 2020 is all of us in 2020.” “Sean Penn looks a little cray, but he really is out here doing the lord’s work with all this testing. I’ve utilized the extremely well organized and free CORE drive thru several times this summer. Give this man a hand, a haircut, and a Nobel Peace Prize.“I love Sean Penn! He’s too busy helping Americans through this pandemic. And doesn’t give a shit about his hair.”

Sean, and CORE Co-founder and CEO Ann Lee, spoke about their efforts to help combat the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, specifically how they had to work at state and county levels due to the absence of leadership from the federal government. “Ultimately, what I’m hoping will come of this is that we’ll have a national guideline, a national plan for service,” said Sean.

Sean Penn, the co-founder of the nonprofit organization Community Organized Relief Effort, speaks during an interview at his home in Malibu, Calif. in April 2020(AP Images)

“There’s a great will to serve, and when young people serve, it never comes out of their cells.” He also stated that he hopes that after the COVID-19 pandemic is controlled that these efforts can be “parlay off into climate issues, forestry, elderly care…there are so many issues.”

Though Sean’s disheveled look may sum up how many feel after enduring 2020, the year brought one highlight for Sean: he and Leila George, 28, reportedly tied the knot. “We are so happy for @leilageorge #seanpenn getting married. We love you,” Irena Medavoy, a friend of the couple, posted on Instagram in August. This would mark Sean’s third marriage. He was previously married to Madonna and Robin Wright.