Attention @ everyone wondering how Prince William and Kate Middleton are planning to spend the holidays: a source tells Us Weekly that they’re pretty much just looking forward to staying home and spending quality time together as a family. Which, same!

    “[While] William and Kate found homeschooling their [eldest two] kids challenging, but very rewarding, the couple is looking forward to spending time with George and Charlotte without having to be their teachers,” a source says. “William and Kate became teachers during the early time of the pandemic before the kids went back to school in early September. The children will return home and everyone will stay together as a family through the holiday.”

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    This news comes amid reports that Kate and William won’t be spending Christmas with the Queen (as is tradition with the royals) due to coronavirus restrictions, with a source telling the Daily Telegraph (via the Mirror) that, “they will sort it out between them; it will be about what’s practical,” and that the risk of the Queen being exposed to young school children will “clearly” be taken into account.

    Here’s to hoping the royals have a happy holiday with their families (corgis included, naturally).

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