January Jones poked fun at an article’s ‘sources’, who said she’s been ‘desperate for attention’, by sharing an eye-catching photo of herself flaunting a yellow bikini during a scene from ‘Mad Men’.

January Jones, 42, took to Instagram on Dec. 11 to share a gorgeous screenshot of herself portraying the role of Betty Draper in a scene from Mad Men, in response to critics saying she posts pics of herself because she’s “desperate for attention”. The smiling actress, who played on the series from 2007 until 2015, is standing in a yellow bikini under a sheer yellow shawl-like overshirt in the pic, as she rests one hand on her waist. She also added a screenshot of her co-star Jon Hamm, 49, who played her womanizing husband Don Draper, with the ironic caption “It’s desperate.”

In addition to the caption in the screenshot, January included a cheeky caption alongside the pic that read, “Ohhhh.. now I see what happened..”

It didn’t take long for her followers to reply with support once the clap back was posted. “Dead ?? Perfect clap back from the Queen. ?,” one follower wrote. “God I love you,” another wrote. A third exclaimed,I have loved watching this unfold! Thank you @januaryjones” while many more responded with laughing emojis.

January’s epic clap back comes a few days after she posted a screenshot of an email she received from The National Enquirer, which can be seen above, asking her for a quote for an upcoming article that included quotes about her from “sources” claiming she has “worried friends”. “Sources claim her [bikini photo] content smacks of a ‘desperate cry for attention’,” part of the email read. She made sure to write a sarcastic caption alongside the screenshot.

“Sh*t. They’ve discovered my secret. Consider this my public apology to my ‘friends’,” it read.

She also took the time to clap back with a current pic of herself smiling while wearing a hot pink bikini on the same day she posted the screenshot of the email. She was standing in what appeared to be a bathroom and had her shoulder-length blonde locks down and swept back. “Had to do it, #DESPERATE,” she wrote with the gorgeous snapshot.

It’s great to see January showing off her confidence and not letting critics stop her from posting whatever she wants on her social media page! Her impressive bikini photos and other beautiful pics always seem to inspire her fans and make them happy so we commend her for being proud of who she is, and can’t wait to see more of her fun and epic content!