Justin Bieber has proved he’s a mega-fan of Jim Carrey as ‘The Grinch.’ He was able to perfectly lip sync the actor’s film lines and make the same over the top facial expressions in a new video.

Pop superstar Justin Bieber was only six-years-old when Jim Carrey‘s live action How The Grinch Stole Christmas was released in 1990, and it’s clear he grew up watching it many times. The “Holy” singer took to his Instagam stories on Dec. 14 to play Jim’s part as the Grinch, who was having a conversation with Cindy Lou Who about how he should be the “Holiday chairmaster.” “Holiday hoobie whattie?” Justin perfectly lip synched with Jim’s voice and facial ticks.

The Biebs even made wild eyes and super expressive stretching of his mouth to laugh and mock Cindy Lou’s pleas for Christmas spirit. Justin then mimicked Jim’s snoring noises and over the top bored looking expressions to show how the little girl’s overtures had no effect on him.

Re-watching The Grinch is Justin’s latest display of showing how he’s in the holiday mood. The 26-year-old and wife Hailey Baldwin, 24, just decorated their home’s Christmas tree on Dec. 12, and showed off the process to fans in a time-lapse video to his IG account. It showed the couple stringing strands of white lights around the tree, getting out boxes of ornaments and hanging them up on the branches. Justin even placed a big silver star atop the tree while standing atop a chair.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber proved that he can nail Jim Carrey’s part in ‘How The Grinch Stole Christmas.’ Photo credit: MEGA

While some of the decorations came out of a Crate and Barrel box, a number of the ornaments appeared to be from Hailey’s own personal collection, as a brown box with the word “ornaments” in black marker could be seen in the shot. The model appeared to be using the items from that container to grab her ornament selection, and Justin gave fans a close up look at what was on the tree in two accompanying photos.

The tree featured several fabric ornaments of cats dressed as Santa, dogs with green elf hats, gingerbread men and smiling white snowmen heads. Unlike some celebrity Christmas trees that are made up primarily of just colorful round ornaments, Justin and Hailey’s decor had so much personality with their one of a kind ornaments, some of which looked to have been passed down through family. Between Justin’s endless viewings of The Grinch and the couple’s gorgeous tree, it’s going to be a very festive Christmas as the Bieber’s household.