• Katie Holmes and her boyfriend, Emilio Vitolo Jr., are Instagram official after sweet post.
  • Emilio posted a message for Katie on her birthday.

    Katie Holmes celebrated her 42nd birthday on Dec.18 and her boyfriend, Emilio Vitolo Jr., celebrated her! Katie and Emilio have been seeing each other for months and regularly show PDA on the streets of New York City. While their relationship is definitely not a secret, they never made it ~official~ until now.

    “The most amazing ,kindest, beautiful person ❤️. Every time I see your face it makes me smile . Happy Birthday !!! I love you !!” Emilio captioned a candid black and white pic of them. Katie, in response, wrote, “Thank you so much my Love❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love u too!!!!!”

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    Way to pull at our heartstrings, you two. According to an Us Weekly source, Katie and Emilio are very into each other (obvs) and love spending time together. “Emilio and Katie act like young teens in love when they are together,” the insider said. “Emilio lights up when she enters his restaurant and they kiss and hug like they haven’t seen each other in forever, but really, they see each other almost every day.”

    The source continued, “Emilio is into Katie. Whenever he’s asked about her, he blushes and smiles. They are always laughing when they’re together. It’s constant smiles and loving looks between them, and Emilio’s friends more than approve of Katie. They think she’s so great for him.”

    Super cute, buuuut rumor has it that Emilio broke up with his ex-fiancée abruptly and that she found out he was dating Katie through the tabloids… yikes. Oh, and some people are also accusing him of being a cheater. But you know what they say, don’t believe everything you read. 😉

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