Kelly Osbourne is very sick and she’s been on oxygen but it isn’t due to COVID-19. The media personality, singer, and host has been keeping fans updated on her official Instagram account about her health issues and she’s made it clear that she feels extremely ill. In fact, she felt so poorly she thought she had contracted the COVID-19 virus. Kelly revealed that it was actually a very severe case of bronchitis that she’s had.

Kelly posted a picture on Instagram and shared the following caption: ‘So I thought I had COVID turns out I have really bad bronchitis thats giving me as asthma yaay 2020!’

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Though Kelly may not have COVID, her current respiratory issues due to asthma and bronchitis put her at risk for severe complications should she contract COVID. With cases skyrocketing across the globe, she could face potentially serious complications that could put her on a ventilator or worse. With Kelly’s recent sickness, it is imperative that she is extra vigilant not to expose herself to anyone who may have the virus.

Asthma, by itself, puts people at high risk for experiencing COVID-19 complications and Kelly’s bronchitis combined with her asthma has left her feeling miserable. Fans are sending Kelly their love and well wishes as they hope she feels better soon.

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You may see a report from the Daily Mail about Kelly Osbourne receiving oxygen treatments below.

Kelly shared a video on Instagram as she continues to fight through the illness. In the video, she shared how miserable she feels but also showed how her pets are staying right by her side as she goes through this tough time. Kelly also expressed her love and prayers for everyone battling COVID-19 right now too. You may see that below.

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Now that winter is nearly here, cases of the flu and the common cold are also expected to increase. Coronavirus deaths have surpassed 286,000 nationwide and there are more than 14 million Coronavirus cases throughout the united states with approximately 5.8 million cases currently active.

Get well soon, Kelly!

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