Khloe Kardashian, like her sisters, jet sets around the world to tropical and exotic destinations. She also owns a mansion with an ocean view and luxurious swimming pool, but when it comes to getting a golden glow all over her body, she turns to Isabel Alysa rather than risk the chance of skin damage and even cancer from ultraviolet rays from the sun. Isabel Alysa is the creator of Dolce Glow spray tan — a favorite among celebrities including Khloe’s older sister Kim. Khloe showed off her fabulous tan in new photos that she shared for her Good American boots campaign.

Khloe wore very little for the campaign. She had an extreme braid courtesy of celebrity hairstylists Andrew Fitzsimons and Ricky Mota and flawless makeup from beauty expert Ash K. Holm. Though her hair and makeup were stunning and completed her look, there’s no question that her spray tan also plays an important part. Having the perfect tan is a vital component of perfect celebrity photos , a thing the Kardashians and Jenners know much about.

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Khloe posed for an artistic shot where she covered her modesty with a carefully placed hand and showed off her fabulous manicure. She extended her braid out behind her and wore a pair of high cut, bikini briefs in black. The pose was meant to show off Khloe’s boots but she inadvertently showed off her flawless Dolce Glow spray tan as well.

The boots that Khloe Kardashian is wearing are the Emma boots. They are over-the-knee, stilettos with a slouchy fit. The Emma boots retail for $345. You may see the photo that Khloe Kardashian shared below.

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Source: Good American/Instagram

In a second photo that Khloe Kardashian shared, her Dolce Glow tan was on full display. Her skin looked glistening under the light and was the perfect, tan color. The boots that Khloe Kardashian is wearing are the OOO boots. They retail for approximately $329.

Source: Good American/Instagram

What do you think about Khloe Kardashian’s latest photos? Do you like her Dolce Glow spray tan?

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