• Kim Kardashian and Kanye West allegedly haven’t had much success with marriage counseling.
  • Reports say they’ve been in counseling for “several months.”

    Kimye is ending their marriage after six years—but you may have noticed that Kim hasn’t technically filed for divorce yet. Reports claim this is because she and Kanye are in settlement talks as well as marriage counseling—but, unfortunately, talking to a professional doesn’t sound like it’s helped much.

    “They’ve been in it for several months but aren’t making much headway. As a couple it seems as the relationship has run its course,” a source tells Entertainment Tonight. “The couple has tried to work on their relationship for a while but find it hard to get on the same page. They haven’t lived together for some time and have been focused on their separate businesses and work while keeping their children’s happiness at the forefront.”

    Another source tells the outlet “Kanye and Kim have been trying to save their marriage but it’s been difficult when he acts out. She is focused on raising her kids and making sure they’re in a safe, stable environment.”

    And meanwhile, yet another source says “There is no drama or contentious relationship at all between Kanye and the extended family. They have been in therapy working on their marriage, however, divorce is something that has been discussed off and on for the past year, but Kim has been reluctant to move forward with that.”

    FYI, neither Kim nor Kanye have commented on their reported split so take everything with a grain of salt!

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