• Bachelor in Paradise alum Krystal Nielson is getting honest about what it’s like being pregnant while still married to ex Chris Randone.
  • Krystal is expecting a baby with boyfriend Miles Bowles.

    Krystal Nielson isn’t gonna sugarcoat it—her pregnancy situation is unique, to say the least. The Bachelor in Paradise alum is expecting a baby with boyfriend Miles Bowles (yay!), except she’s still legally married to ex Chris Randone. Krystal and Chris split after less than a year of marriage and announced that she was pregnant with her relatively new beau last month.

    “It was scary finding out we were pregnant. Especially so soon in a relationship,” Krystal admitted on an episode of the Scheananigans With Scheana Shay podcast. “Especially me still being legally tied in this marriage and having this whole public thing around it.”

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    She continued, “It caused me a lot of anxiety and worry but, ultimately, I just knew, like, this was an incredible lesson for me to grow, to learn and to love. And have faith in myself and Miles and my future—and know that God gives us only what we can handle.”

    Krystal announced her pregnancy in an emotional Instagram video on Nov. 11, where she filmed herself waiting for the results of her pregnancy test back. She then posted the full-length video to her YouTube channel. She further explained on the podcast that her faith is keeping her “strong and grounded,” adding that she and Miles are “so excited about the future.”

    Her ex, Chris, is also excited for her. While she didn’t tell him about the pregnancy before her announcement, he still reached out to send her well wishes. “He texted me and said he thinks I’m going to become a wonderful mother,” she added. “He’s really, really happy for me.”

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