Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are definitely not in a good place in their marriage at this point according to many reports lately. And yet, there has been no news about the parents of four filing for divorce!

That being said, a new insider revealed the alleged reason why the two stars are still together in the eyes of the law!

Kim and Kanye have been married to each other for six years and share four young kids together but it looks like their love story is over now, amid reports that they are living separate lives.

And yet, they seem as far from getting divorced as the day they tied the knot and the source told E! News the supposed reasons why Kim has no intention of ending things with her rapper husband legally.

They told via E! News that ‘It’s gotten to the point where they have not spent time together as a married pair in months. They have seen each other for the sake of the children but have been living separately. Kim knows their marriage is over. She has known for a while.’

As to the reason why she’s not making this separation official, the source explained that Kim ‘wants to make sure she is making the right decision for the kids. It is not about the marriage anymore, she will always care for Kanye but it is over between them. Kim’s only focused on what is best for the kids. It is a tough decision for her and she is figuring it out.’

Indeed, their relationship has had a lot to suffer in the last few months, especially because of Kanye running for president and revealing some very personal things about their marriage and family.


While they seemed to fix it at the time, the relationship has apparently taken a permanent hit and now they are reportedly over.