The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star looked as stunning as ever in the several pink bathing suit pics she posted on her platform but instead of gushing over her enviable figure, many of her followers focused on something else – her apparent baby bump! That being said, many started speculating that she is currently expecting baby number four in the comments!

Kourtney Kardashian may not be actually pregnant but she was rather amused by the speculations!

That being said, she even replied to one of her commenters in a hilarious way!

It appears that Kourt was missing her Cabo trip from two years ago since the snaps she posted were from her trip there.

It definitely had nothing to do with her being pregnant since the snaps were throwbacks that fans just thought were recent!

Still, she joked around with the followers who are convinced she is, despite the fact that she also posted a pic taken on Christmas Eve and there was no bump!

It’s not the first time and it’s likely not the last so the Kardashian is used to the pregnancy rumors at this point!

Seeing how many pregnancy comments flooded the post, her close friend, Sarah Howard, jokingly wrote: ‘Let’s have a baby!’

The mom of three played along, jokingly asking her to: ‘get me pregnant.’

No one can blame her for having some fun with the pregnancy rumors since they were so many and her abs actually looked really firm in the 2018 pics!

Here are some of the reactions in the comment section: ‘@kourtneykardash you look pregnant now.’ / ‘I hope that’s a baby in kourt’s belly.’ / ‘does anyone else see a baby bump or am i crazy?’ / ‘She’s definitely having Scott’s 4th baby. thats a pregnancy belly.’


Pretty much all of these comments got hundreds and even thousands of likes so there is no doubt many other fans thought the same!