The Jenner used to follow around 400 people on Instagram but now, she’s only following 28 and fans definitely noticed, especially since among those who she unfollowed are Sofia Richie and others from her inner circle of friends!

Other names usually associated in a way or another with Kylie Jenner that are now no longer on her follow list are Rosalía, Fai Khadr and others.

So what happened? Kylie’s fans are not sure since the makeup mogul did not share any information about her decision to unfollow most of those she used to follow.

While this simply looks like her trying to clean up her list and have it only include those she’s still interested in checking out regularly, nothing changes the fact that Kylie unfollowed people that are really close to her, which is why fans are eager to learn what happened.

As for those who survived her unfollow spree, they are her Kar-Jenner family members as well as her best friend, Stassie Karanikolau, her momager’s boyfriend, Corey Gamble, super fan Johnny Cyrus and a few of her biggest fan accounts.

This means that most of her friends are no longer on her follow list on IG and this, most notable includes Sofia Richie, with whom she has been pretty close for many years, since they were still kids!

Sofia was also one of the ones invited to Kylie’s birthday trip to Europe back in August of 2019.

With that being said, fans were surprised to notice Kylie had unfollowed her as well.

This comes after Sofia and Scott Disick broke up so it’s possible the two women might have had a fallout over this.

She’s still following Scott however, while Sofia is yet to unfollow Kylie back.


Here are some fan reactions to the much shorter follow list: ‘Why did Kylie unfollow everybody on Instagram? Omg.’ / ‘Omg no wtf kylie did a huge unfollow spree on Instagram.’ / ‘Kylie cleaning her following list too good she knew better than to just unfollow oomf.’