Lori Loughlin is now free! The actress was not able to spend Christmas at home with her family as originally planned, but she is now finally out of jail, where she served two months for her involvement in the biggest college entrance fraud case on America!

As you might know, the Full House and Fuller House star self-surrendered to prison on October 30, reportedly to get released right before Christmas.

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However, that did not happen, the actress leaving FCI Dublin in California earlier today instead!

TMZ reported that she was ‘just two days shy of serving two months.’

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Her punishment continues however since now, Lori is on a two years long supervised release.

Furthermore, she is expected to pay the fine and also complete community service for her crime.

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This comes after reports that she was really scared to start her sentence.

One insider previously told Hollywoodlife that ‘Of course, Lori is scared to be in prison, but she cannot wait to get this over with. She has not been thinking about anything but putting this behind her as quickly as possible and just moving forward with her life. This has been a nightmare she never thought would happen.’

As for the massive college admissions scandal, it exploded last year in March and Lori and her designer husband Mossimo Giannulli were accused of paying around $500,000 in bribes in order to ensure that their daughters Olivia Jade and Isabella, would be admitted to the University of Southern California.

Not just that but they also lied about their extracurricular activities, claiming that they had been recruits on the rowing team, which was proven to be false.

Her husband continues to serve his longer sentence behind bars at this point and in the meantime, their YouTuber daughter opened up about the whole thing during an interview on Red Table Talk!