It’s been a big year for McDonald’s, partnering with the likes of Travis Scott and J Balvin. Now, the retail giant is giving away free food in the lead up to Christmas!

Fast food giant McDonald’s is giving away free menu items this holiday season! Beginning on Monday, December 14, customers will receive a free item with every purchase of $1 or more made through the McDonald’s app. As for the free menu items on offer? Each day, the chain will give away away fictional Christmas characters’ favorite foods — or at least foods McDonald’s thinks they would love.

McDonalds is doing special Christmas deals. Image: AP Images

The promotion features a different item each day, beginning with a double cheeseburger in honor of the Griswold family from “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.” Customers can also snag a McDouble for John McClane from “Die Hard,” medium fries for Rudolph, coffee for Scrooge and a McCafe item for Frank Costanza from “Seinfeld.”

On Christmas Eve, customers who make a minimum purchase of $1 will receive chocolate chip cookies — for Santa, obviously! It’s been a big year for McDonald’s having launched multiple celebrity campaigns, including a successful collaboration with Travis Scott.
Visit McDonald’s for special Christmas promotions. Image: AP Images

The rapper’s meal dropped on Sept. 8, and combined three of Cactus Jack’s favorite items from the fast food chain: a Quarter Pounder® loaded with bacon and lettuce, French fries with BBQ sauce dip, and Sprite — for a total of $6. The special combo arrived with a commercial featuring the action figure version of La Flame, and it may have been the most hype McDonald’s commercial in history. The promotion was a big deal for McDonald’s, which last featured a celebrity name on the menu nearly three decades ago! In 1992, McDonald’s sold Michael Jordan’s “McJordan” Quarter Pounder for a limited time.