• Miley Cyrus was asked *checks notes* whether she’d rather kiss Justin Bieber or Harry Styles, and made her feelings known.
  • The singer joked that she can see her and Harry sharing a life together, which, same.

    Good morning, hello there, happy almost-end-of 2020, Miley Cyrus is out here shooting her shot with Harry Styles. The British singer came up during an interview Miley gave with Heart, when she was asked whether she’d rather kiss him or Justin Bieber during some rapid fire questions.

    Miley did not hesitate to say Harry, and even joked about them sharing a life together.

    “Harry, that’s easy,” Miley said. “Justin Bieber I’ve known way too long, and it’s like family. Harry Styles! He’s looking really good. Really good. I’m into the fishnets… And we have very similar tastes. I think sharing a closet, sharing a life together—it just makes sense.”

    Watch the full interview below, where Miley was also asked to choose between Cardi B and Dua Lipa, and said “I’ve kinda already kissed Dua. Maybe Cardi. I like to do things that I’ve never done before, something new. I’d kiss Cardi.”

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