The Real Housewives of Potomac just wrapped up a season nothing short of iconic. Monique Samuels was the one to watch when she pulled out a receipt book ready to come for Gizelle Bryant who has been after her for quite some time now.

As you may already know, Candiace Dillard exposed a plot that was initiated by Monique’s former friend which insinuated that Monique was having an affair. It went even further when it was said that her youngest child was not her husband’s but instead the child of the personal trainer Monique was allegedly cheating with.

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Gizelle and Robyn Dixon were said to be at this dinner. Gizelle wanted to bring up the allegations during the las reunion but didn’t.

Additionally, Gizelle, Robyn, and Candiace Dillard all refused to tape with Monique it was seemed to be an attempt to get her fired from the show.

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Samuels was sick of what was going on and decided to bring a smoking gun to the sit down this past Sunday.

She exposed Jamal Bryant for having a girlfriend while currently dating Gizelle. She also revealed the text messages that came from Jamal’s number that said he was only with her for a storyline on the show.

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The worst of it was the allegation that Jamal had another baby on the way — something he disputed earlier this year with legal action.

While some fans feel that Monique’s actions were perfectly justified, others think that she went too far.

On a Facebook post, fans battled in the comment section.

‘Gizelle deserved what she got. She loves to talk about everyone else man. Girl you in the hot seat now, she was so speechless it was great.’

‘I hope the second part of the reunion is better. Monique will hold on to bad stuff,,say her piece and move on. She is lovely and have so much more going on than most of the ladies. They came for Monique and now she is tacking on revenge. Address your issues and leave the rest of the issues to be handled by Karen.. The Grand Dame is in her element, she is not holding back. She has all the history and receipts in her head. come on with it Karen.’

‘That was cold blooded it still doesn’t change the fact that you fought Monique & is there any receipts in there for you , I want info. on you cheating on your husband with the personal trainer.’

‘Monique spent Her “Rona Time”, Gathering And Tracking Intel On A Dead End. Deflecting Will NOT Change The Fact That She Is A Drunk Bully!’

Do you think Monique was in the wrong?