Some of Ariana Grande‘s fans got pretty upset when Pete Davidson jokingly suggested to a fan that they should get married, just because she had the same name as the pop star! Now, one insider report claims to know how the Saturday Night Live comedian feels about this whole situation!

As it turns out, Pete has a lot of love and respect for Ariana Grande despite how things ended between them.

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That being said, Pete was not too fazed when people on social media labelled him as a ‘bitter ex’ after seeing an interaction with a fan named Arianna, which went viral.

What happened was that the comedian was being mobbed by fans while out and about in New York City and that is when he found out that one of them shared the same name with his ex fiancee.

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Pete just couldn’t not take the opportunity to make a funny reference, jokingly saying: ‘Well hello! Let’s get married!’


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Now, one insider shared with HollywoodLife that he did not mean anything shady by it: ‘Being funny is Pete’s day job and his night job — it’s who he is. The joke was innocent and fun and there was never any shade meant towards Ariana whatsoever. Pete will continue to look back at that time [with Ariana] with joy, and if he continues to joke about it that’s all it will be — just having fun and never to make Ariana feel bad.’

The source went into how Ariana supposedly feels about the joke as well, saying that ‘She knows that his sense of humor is part of his charm and she wouldn’t want him to ever change that about himself; it’s what makes people so drawn to him. Ariana understands Pete’s dry humor and doesn’t expect him to stop joking about things that have happened in his life, whether it’s their relationship or not.’

They went on to stress that Ariana now feels like they’ve both moved on despite their public split and can totally make such jokes about their failed engagement.