• Yolanda Hadid shared pictures of Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik the moment they found out they were expecting a baby girl.
  • The couple had a cake reveal, and Yolanda shared the memories on Monday.

    Even though Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik kept the model’s pregnancy under wraps before welcoming their daughter, the couple’s tune quickly changed once their baby girl was born in September. And in a very Trademark Grandma move, Yolanda Hadid has also opened the floodgates with her own baby musings on Instagram.

    The first-time grandma shared more pics of Gigi and Zayn’s road to parenthood on Monday, this time giving fans a look at the moment Gigi and Zayn learned they were having a baby girl. In the snaps, the couple holds a pink-filled cake while wearing casual fits and matching smiles.

    zayn malik and gigi hadid stand smiling with a pink cake in between them

    Yolanda HadidInstagram

    “❤️This PINK baby news was the highlight of our year 2020…. Thank you mommy and daddy for this greatest gift @zayn & @gigihadid #Family #Memories,” Yolanda captioned the snap.

    In case it wasn’t clear how the Hadid fam felt about that update, Yolanda also shared a second photo featuring a big ol’ group hug to get the point across:

    yolanda hadid, gigi hadid, and zayn malik hugging after finding out gigi was expecting a baby girl

    Yolanda HadidInstagram

    While Gigi and Zayn have certainly posted about their daughter before (who could forget those Halloween costume pics?), they’ve been careful not to actually share their baby’s name or face on social media, which isn’t out of left field for a celebrity parent.

    Plenty of stars avoid posting pictures that feature their kids’ faces in order to protect their privacy, so even though the Hadids have been generous with the family snaps, fans probably shouldn’t expect a content avalanche anytime soon.

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