According to reports, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have won the lawsuit against a publication that took pictures of their son, Archie Harrison without permission in January! The paparazzi agency named Splash U.K. was sued by the former royal couple back in March and after losing, they have promised to never take any pics of the family!

As per ET, the statement that the agency read in court says: ‘Splash U.K. will not take photographs of the Duke and Duchess or of their son in the future.’

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Furthermore, a spokesperson for Harry and Meghan’s law firm released a statement as well.

It reads: ‘As explained in today’s hearing, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have settled a legal claim brought at the beginning of the year against paparazzi agency Splash U.K. This settlement’s a clear signal that unlawful, invasive, and intrusive paparazzi behavior will not be tolerated, and the couple takes these matters seriously – just as any family would.’

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As you might know, the lawsuit was filed by Meghan in response to pictures being taken of them just visiting a Canadian park with their son.

But that is not the only legal problem the married couple has with the press!

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At this point, a second lawsuit against Splash U.S. is moving forward in British courts.

It was filed this past summer, in July, after their privacy was once again violated.

What allegedly happened was that the paparazzi took photos of their baby boy just running around in their backyard.

At the time, the family was quarantined in their new Los Angeles home and hoping to also enjoy some privacy.

Unfortunately, they did not get any and the parents claim the photographers even flew drones above their house in order to take more pictures of them and their son as well as of the property.