Rasheeda Frost dropped an announcement on her social media account about the NYE event. A lot of fans said that this is the worst idea and the event could turn out to be a super spreader.

Someone said: ‘Is Atlanta excluded from Covid?? This is crazy!’ and another follower posted this: ‘Ain’t we still in a pandemic? No ma’am Rasheeda.’

A follower said: ‘With Covid, this is a bad idea but be careful and be safe,’ and someone else posted this: ‘Please think about it we are still in a pandemic people are losing a jobs people are losing their family and you want a pay money for a party.’

A commenter said: ‘Section $500 and 1 bottle ??have fun they are gonna get dragged for this,’ and someone else posted this message: ‘Be safe everyone….wear a mask and please VOTE.’

Someone else said: ‘Rasheeda I love you, girl, but I think you need to reevaluate this party. COVID-19 is still real, And so many people in the metro area of Atlanta are dying. Why would you have a party in the midst of a pandemic? P did he cancelled his event.’

A commenter posted this: ‘Wish I could you enjoy your self and be a safe and happy new year and we love you guys stay safe congratulations on your guys anniversary.’

A fan said: ‘I agree this is a bad idea. There is no point of wearing a mask & hookah is used. Smoke comes for your nose and mouth, that is where COVID harbours. I am a Traveling COVID nurse & just left ATL; please DO NOT do this!!!’

Someone else said: ‘Rasheedah is not too bright anyway. In the middle of a pandemic trying to have a big a** party talking about sections and social distance, that place is not that big.’

Rasheeda Frost‘s fans just told her that she should become a hair model.

This comes after she shared a clip in which she flaunts a green gorgeous wig.


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