Remember on The Crown when Prince Philip films agreed to film a documentary about the royals and it was all incredibly yikes? Well that fully happened in real life, only the documentary was banned by the Queen. According to The Sun (who posted a brief clip of the film), BBC’s “Royal Family” doc was “locked away in 1972 on Her Majesty’s orders,” but someone just leaked it on YouTube. Don’t get too excited, though: it was swiftly deleted due to “complaints from the BBC and the Palace.”

This movie was originally shown in 1969, but the Queen was so embarrassed by the backlash (viewers felt the royals were out of touch with reality) that she had it pulled.

queen elizabeth ii lunches with prince philip and their children princess anne and prince charles at windsor castle in berkshire, circa 1969 a camera left is set up to film for richard cawston's bbc documentary 'royal family', which followed the royal family over a period of a year and was broadcast on 21st june 1969 photo by hulton archivegetty images

Matt GreenGetty Images

Per The Sun, the film shows Philip demanding that he fly between engagements instead of drive, the Queen making fun of a US Ambassador’s personal appearance, intimate scenes of the royals hanging at home and being ~regular people~, as well as a lot of cringe-worthy moments that showcase their immense privilege. Including this musing from a narrator: “On royal yachts, the ship’s company on the decks above have always worn soft shoes and given orders by hand signals to preserve the peace and quiet below.”

The Sun reports that while royal aides moved “swiftly” to have the film deleted from YouTube, the Palace declined to comment.

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