I know everyone’s current royal interests are Prince Harry, Prince William, and a bunch of possibly inbred corgis, but please turn your attention to James, Viscount Severn. Never heard of him? That’s probably because he’s extremely low-key and out of the spotlight.

James is the 13-year-old son of Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex, both of whom are taking on more engagements in the wake of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s decision to step down from royal duties. This means we might see James—and his sister, Lady Louise—at a few more royal events in 2021, so the time has come to learn a lil more about him.

portsmouth, england    september 20  prince edward, earl of wessex, sophie, countess of wessex, james, viscount severn and lady louise windsor take part in the great british beach clean on southsea beach on september 20, 2020 in portsmouth, england photo by poolsamir husseinwireimage

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^Am I alone in thinking he looks just like Prince Harry, btw?

His Full Name Is So Intense

While James “informally” goes by James C-O-M-M-A Viscount Severn, his actual name is “James Alexander Philip Theo Mountbatten-Windsor.” Gonna go ahead and assume that “Philip” is a reference to the Queen’s husband Prince Philip, and we know for sure that the whole “Viscount Severn” thing is a shoutout to the River Severn in Wales, where his mom is from!

frimley, united kingdom   december 20  prince edward, earl of wessex and sophie rhys jones, countess of wessex leave hospital with their new baby boy at frimley park hospital on december 20, 2007 in frimley, england the names chosen by the earl and countess of wessex for their son are james alexander philip theophoto by ben stansallgetty images

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There’s a Reason He’s Not a Prince

Wondering why James is a mere “Viscount” while his cousins are Princes and Princesses? His parents simply wanted their kids to have more normal lives, and decided to give them “courtesy” titles. Nothing more normal than being a Viscount, ya know?

portsmouth, united kingdom   september 20 embargoed for publication in uk newspapers until 24 hours after create date and time james, viscount severn arrives to take part in the great british beach clean on southsea beach on september 20, 2020 in portsmouth, england photo by poolmax mumbygetty images

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He Might Become an “HRH” at 18

Like his older sister, James doesn’t currently go by His Royal Highness (HRH), but his mom told The Sunday Times he can opt in when he turns 18—if he wants to:

“We try to bring them up with the understanding that they are very likely to have to work for a living. Hence we made the decision not to use HRH titles. They have them and can decide to use them from 18, but it’s highly unlikely.”

He’s 12th in Line to the Throne

James is 12th in line to the throne right before Lady Louise. So…why is he ahead of his sister even though she’s older? Lady Louise is after James in the order of succession because of a mere technicality: the 2013 Succession of the Crown Act (which prevents a younger son from displacing an older daughter) simply doesn’t apply to people born before it was enacted. Lame.

kings lynn, england   december 25 james viscount severn and lady louise windsor  attend the christmas day church service at church of st mary magdalene on the sandringham estate on december 25, 2019 in kings lynn, united kingdom photo by poolsamir husseinwireimage

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He Has a Lake Named After Him

Back in 2008, Prince Edward visited the Canadian province of Manitoba, and they went ahead and named a lake in the area after James. To which I say: RUDE why are there no bodies of water named after me??!?!??!?!

He Grew Up in the Fanciest House Ever

bagshot, united kingdom   june 09 aerial view of bagshot park the royal residence of prince edward, earl of wessex and sophie, countess of wessex on june 09, 2009 this brick and stone tudor style building was rebuilt on the instruction of queen victoria in 1879 photograph by david goddard getty images

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Actually, it’s more like a castle. Edward and Sophie raised their kids at Bagshot Park in Surrey, a sprawling property near the Queen’s home in Windsor. In fact, James frequently has tea with his grandma on the weekends! As Sophie put it, “We’re a lot more fortunate because we live so close to the Queen, so when she spends a lot of time at Windsor on the weekends, our children are more fortunate because they can go over and have tea with her on a regular basis.”

He’s the Queen’s Favorite Grandson

While Lady Louise is said to be the favorite grandchild in general, James is Her Majesty’s second fave. A source told The Sun, “The Queen loves the fact that Louise and James relish their time at Balmoral, and she has become particularly close to Louise, who seems to have become her favourite grandchild, closely followed by James.”

Lol, sorry Harry and William.

?? You’re obsessed with all things royal. So are we. Let’s gossip about every little thing together. ??

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