Sasha Obama is apparently the new “Hot Girl” à la Megan Thee Stallion. Hot New Hip Hop picked up on a flurry of social media posts related to a new viral photo of the former president’s daughter looking sultry. The outlet claims that Sasha is now trending on social media, and a lot of people are here for it.

As most know, Sasha was just a young girl when her father was the president of the United States. The aforementioned publication claims Sasha was just 6-years-old when Barack first started campaigning to be the president.

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Sasha is now 19-years-old and she’s in her second year of post-secondary education at the University of Michigan. Followers of the politician’s daughter know she first went viral on TikTok not that long ago after she and her friend were singing along to the “Said Sum (Remix)” song.

Additionally, Obama was in the headlines again when she and her friends did the #CorvetteChallenge in yet another TikTok video. Thus far, the reaction to Obama’s pictures has been mostly positive, although, a few have taken the opportunity to put Michelle Obama on blast for supposedly being masculine.

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One user wrote in the comment section that Michelle Obama had a “bigger d*ck” than everyone else combined. Previously, Obama was in the entertainment news media when pictures of her going to the University of Michigan spread on the internet.

While most reports surrounding Sasha have been positive, she has been excoriated by social media users for her fashion sense. For instance, Sasha was the target of trolls who wondered whether her prom dress was wholesome enough.

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The reactions were mixed, with many users arguing that it was no one’s business how the young personality chose to dress, while others argued that it was improper for a former president’s daughter to present herself in such a way in public.

For the most part, Sasha has done very little to get attention in the media, but her parents, on the other hand, have stayed somewhat close to politics, including last month when Michelle urged Trump to respect the electoral college process.