Now that Selena Gomez is a certified makeup enthusiast—like, have you seen/tried/obsessed over the amazing products she has in her Rare Beauty line???—she’s expanding her love for beauty outside the realm of face and is trying something hella new with her hair. And no, it’s not a fresh cut…it’s a whole wig!

Evanie Frausto, a hair stylist to models and celebrities alike, posted a video of the cutest little rainbow pastel wig with BANGS that she made specifically for Selena to wear on his Instagram Stories. Then, Selena got the wig onto her actual head and p much looked like a super fashionable unicorn Barbie doll. Selena posed wearing a classic blue PPE mask (adhering to COVID-19 guideline, we love to see it) and Louis Vuitton monogram trench coat. She looked completely unrecognizable, TBH!

rainbow pastel wig


selena gomez in rainbow pastel wig with bangs and curls


Selena’s bold wig is a massive change, considering that she doesn’t switch up the color of her signature brunette hair too often. The last time that Selena made a bold hair choice was back in November 2017 when she went blonde after ending her relationship with The Weeknd. It was truly a look:

selena gomez with blonde hair exposed roots

Getty Images

No word yet on if Selena’s fun pastel look is for an upcoming project or just for the hell of it, but the hair stylist did make a point to tag Gomez’s friend Anna Collins and New York City stylist Dean DiCriscio in the snap, so uh…do what you will with that info.

Now please excuse me while I print out this pic of Selena and present it as ~hairspo~ to my colorist for my next dye job. You know what the kids say—YOLO!

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