Kylie Jenner is absolutely loving being a brand new red-head. She modeled a skin-tight yellow mini-dress while claiming that her new fiery locks let her have more ‘fun.’

To heck with the old saying that “blondes have more fun.” For Kylie Jenner , she claims that red hair has the same effect. The 23-year-old debuted her new fiery red long locks on Dec. 7, and says that she’s already having a blast with the hair color. “Found out red heads have a lot of fun,” she captioned a series of photos on Dec. 11, while posing in a sexy strapless mustard yellow minidress.

Kylie’s dress looked like it had been painted onto her body, as it was skin-tight and hugged her hourglass curves. In the first three photos, she posed so that her famous derriere took center stage with the outfit, as the fabric clung to her posterior. In the fourth photo, Kylie posted with her backside up against the wall, while bending forward at her waist and holding on to the very end of her long red ponytail.

Sister Kourtney Kardashian, 41, gushed in the comments, “It’s the 4th pic for me,” as her favorite in the set. Kylie then showed how the outfit looked from the front in the next photo, putting a knee in the air while holding her left arm out to the side and still holding on to her long pony with her right hand. Kylie’s itty bitty waist and flat tummy were on display, as well as her flat abs

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner’s hair is naturally a dark brunette, but she loves playing with different colors. Her latest look is a fiery long red ‘do. Photo credit: MEGA.

Kylie accessorized with strappy heels that laced up her calves, which perfectly matched the color of her dress. She wore plenty of gold jewelry, which popped against her bronzed skin. She donned a gold chain link necklace from Dior, with the brands lettering spelled out in big shapes, with “D” being the largest. Kylie added plenty of shiny gold bangle bracelets to her left wrist, and wore several delicate gold rings on her perfectly long manicured fingers.

Kylie just switched up the color from her golden bronde locks after returning from a family trip to Lake Tahoe over the weekend. The coloring was done by her go-to hair stylist, Jesus Guerrero, who shared (via Instagram), “So this is how we decided to start off our week.” The cosmetics mogul posed in a series of IG photos where she coordinated her locks with matching leather pants and a printed crop top, even joking that she rocked red hair better than Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Now with her yellow dress and tan skin, her red hair pops even more.